Descaler for coffee machines and kettles


ISBN: 8000110920603
DECALK 3 is a specific descaler for removing limescale from coffee machines and kettles.
The periodic use of DECALK 3 allows the complete removal of dirt and limescale residues that accumulate in the boiler and in the coffee machine system, maintaining its efficiency unchanged, with lower energy consumption.

It is suitable for all makes and models of coffee machines, espresso or "American" type, manual and automatic, with pods and capsules.
It can be used for all makes and models of kettle.

It does not damage plastic or metal parts. It is fast and effective, for deep cleaning of the appliance.

DECALK 3 is safe for health and the environment as it is made up of 100% natural origin and easily biodegradable ingredients.

The contents allow up to 2 descaling operation.

Periodic treatment with DECALK 3 is recommended every 4/6 months based on the frequency of use of the appliance and the hardness of the water.

Formato: Bottle, 150 ml


Pour DECALK 3 into the tank, according to the recommended dosage.
Add tap water until the max Level.
Start the machine for a few seconds.
Leave to act for 10 minutes and start the machine until the descaling solution is ended.
Make the rinse cycle with fresh water for at least twice.

Refer to the user manual in case of appliances with automatic descaling cycles.


1 or 2 coffees a day: 75 ml (half a bottle)
More than 3 coffees a day: 150 ml (the whole bottle)


Pour DECALK 3 into the kettle, according to the recommended dosage.
Add tap water until the max Level.
Leave the product act for about 10 minutes.
Rinse with fresh water eliminating any residual of the product.


small limestone quantity: 75 ml (half a bottle)
High limestone quantity: 150 ml (the whole bottle)

Repeat the descaling operation as needed, based on the frequency of use and the water hardness.

Provoca irritazione cutanea.
Provoca gravi lesioni oculari.

Regolamento CE n. 648/2004
5-15% Acido citrico <5% L-(+)-Acido lattico.