Sustainability and social responsibility

Sustainability and eco-compatibility are the basic principles of Dr.Neu products, designed and realized with the main goal to reduce the use of chemicals hazardous to health and the environment.

We think that each of us can have an essential role in society, starting from small actions and daily habits.
In this regard, Dr.Neu want to offer to its customers sustainable cleaning solutions, through a range of products able to get the same results as traditional ones, reducing environmental impact to a minimum.

Every thing that you can imagine, the nature it has already created (Albert Einstein)

Dr. Neu products are inspired by the nature and by all precious suggestion she can offer.

“Transforming” is the principle of our anti-limescale products, which exploit the bio-catalytic action of a special enzyme to reduce limescale formation.

Descaling without the use of acids has the advantage of NOT release into the environment substances that can alter or damage the biological balance of nature.

Dr.Neu products respect health and the environment: we favor the use of quality raw materials, with a low toxicological impact, deriving from renewable and completely biodegradable sources.

The packages are made in such a way as to avoid unnecessary waste and use only what you need, allowing greater savings.

The packaging has optimized dimensions also to contribute to reduce CO2 emissions deriving from manufacturing and logistics operations.

Social responsability

Sustainability means for us also social responsibility, linked not only to the commitment to provide safe products with maximum transparency and respect for the rules, but also to targeted actions on the territory.

From 2017 Dr.Neu contributes to support a sports association (located in Crevalcore, Bologna, Italy), that for many years is committed in the development and diffusion of volleyball at youth level, with the aim of bringing young people closer to sport and promoting an active and group lifestyle, rather than a sedentary and isolated one.