Our story

Archimede R&D was founded in Bologna in 2006 as a startup.

Everything starts with an idea, or rather with the ideals of a young industrial chemist from Bologna, determined to put his knowledge and experience into practice to develop innovative products and technologies, following the principles of sustainable development.

Archimede R&D is based on the concept of chemistry as an engine for sustainable development.

Development of processes that are less and less harmful and invasive for the environment but also an improvement for the environmental compatibility of consumer products.

It is within this scenario that Archimede R&D’s work is outlined: creating by transforming knowledge and discoveries into technologies and products.

In other words, innovating.

After the initial start-up years, between research and consultancy, the first major project, Bubbleboat, the study of an innovative system for antifouling paints with low environmental impact for the nautical sector, carried out together with the CNR (Italian National Research Council) of Bologna and the Industrial Chemistry and Materials Departments of the University of Bologna, started in 2009.

Bubbleboat was an important step for Archimede R&D, resulting in an important discovery in the field of biotechnology: the “anti-scale” enzyme.

To give concreteness to the results obtained in 2010, Archimede R&D decided to enter the detergent market with its own line of cleaning products, in which the new biocatalytic technology is directly applied: Dr.Neu, a registered trademark at European level.
In the years that followed, Archimede R&D grew and developed following a company network model, which made it possible to combine experience, skills and company resources to compete more successfully on the market.

With a view to collaboration, each of our partners provides experience and knowledge, as well as their own company resources, to create projects and products together with us, optimising all the processes, from the initial idea through to production and distribution.