The brand Dr.Neu

The Dr.Neu brand was born in 2010, with the aim of offering the market a range of innovative products with high added value, dedicated to the home cleaning and the household appliances care and maintenance, in line with the company philosophy of sustainability and eco-compatibility.

The study of new formulations and new technologies capable of minimizing the impact on the environment and health are the basic principles of Dr.Neu products.

The Dr.Neu brand wants to express the concepts of science and innovation, taking inspiration from nature.

Dr.Neu is aimed at all those who believe in conscious and sustainable consumption, respecting both man and the environment.

Dr.Neu, in the particular application of each individual product, combines effectiveness and technological innovation, reliability and safety for health, with a reduced environmental impact.

Limescale Control

Dr.Neu uses the action of a special biocatalyst, able to eliminate limescale through a natural process. This makes it possible to avoid the use of traditional acids and aggressive agents, protecting both household appliances and surfaces with each application.


Dr.Neu uses the cleaning power of completely biodegradable surfactants of plant origin.
With Dr.Neu you will achieve excellent results with small quantities of product, avoiding unnecessary waste of product, time and space.

Dr.Neu products comply with current national and European regulations: Regulation (EC) REACh 1907/2006; Regulation (EC) no. 648/2004; EC Reg. 1272/2008 CLP.

Dr. Neu products do not contain intentionally added microplastics and do not release microplastics when used.

(in accordance with COMMISSION REGULATION (EU) 2023/2055 of 25 September 2023 amending Annex XVII of Regulation (EC) No 1907/2006 of the European Parliament and of the Council concerning the registration, evaluation, authorization and restriction of chemicals (REACH) regarding microparticles of synthetic polymers)