Coffee machine cleaning KIT

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Everything you need to always enjoy the best coffee.

Set of products aimed at maintaining the ideal cleaning and hygiene conditions of coffee machines equipped with a tank.
Water with low limescale content and machine efficiency are the two main factors for an optimal result in the preparation of a good coffee.
Taking care of your coffee machine is a good habit that extends the life of the appliance.

Formato: Oxigent 2, Decalk 3, Softballs De'Longhi

Pour the powder of one sachet of OXIGENT 2 into a container or if easier, directly into the tank of the machine.
Add about 500 ml of tap water. To easier dissolve the powder, it is advised to use warm water.
Once the powder has completely dissolved, pour the detergent solution into the tank, start the machine and dispense it until the end.
Make rinsing cycles with fresh tap water until there are no more dirt or product residues (minimum 2 cycles).
To clean the other components (filter holders, filters, grids, etc.), dissolve the powder in a container with hot water and immerse the components for a few minutes.
– 1 sachet to clean strong deposits.
– 1/2 sachet to clean small / medium deposits.
– For small deposits it is possible to reuse the detergent solution with which the machine was cleaned.
Then remove the dirt with a sponge and rinse with fresh water.
We recommend cleaning with OXIGENT 2 every 3 months.


Pour DECALK 3 into the tank, according to the recommended dosage.
Add tap water until the max Level.
Start the machine for a few seconds.
Leave to act for 10 minutes and start the machine until the descaling solution is ended.
Make the rinse cycle with fresh water for at least twice.
Refer to the user manual in case of appliances with automatic descaling cycles.
1 or 2 coffees a day: 75 ml (half a bottle)
More than 3 coffees a day: 150 ml (the whole bottle)
Pour DECALK 3 into the kettle, according to the recommended dosage.
Add tap water until the max Level.
Leave the product act for about 10 minutes.
Rinse with fresh water eliminating any residual of the product.
small limestone quantity: 75 ml (half a bottle)
High limestone quantity: 150 ml (the whole bottle)
Repeat the descaling operation as needed, based on the frequency of use and the water hardness.

Just insert the sachet containing the spheres into the water tank and remove it when it runs out.
We recommend replacing Softballs every 3 months.