Enzymatic anti-limescale technology

Enzymatic anti-limescale technology, the result of our Research and Development, is the basis of many of Dr.Neu products and it is thanks to this that our products are unique and innovative.

What is it about?

Our particular enzyme is activated in contact with limestone, eliminating it through a natural catalyzation process.

This process has numerous advantages:

  • Removes and breaks down limescale in a non-aggressive way
  • The anti-limescale function has a long life
  • It can remove limescale from surfaces where aggressive substances, such as acids, cannot normally be used
  • It has a very low environmental impact
  • Unlike acids, it can act together with surfactants improving their performance

The enzymatic anti-scale technology is very versatile and can be used in numerous applications, both in liquid and solid form, maintaining the advantages just described.

Furthermore, the action of the enzyme is long-lasting, unlike traditional acids which only act during application.
For this reason, using Dr.Neu products means maintaining effectiveness over time and therefore prevention.