Enzymatic washing machine cleaner


ISBN: 8000110920658
BREATH is the new and innovative Enzymatic Washing Machine Cleaner, which allows you to easilly remove dirt, limescale and bad odors that deposit in the washing machine.

The particular enzymatic formula, composed by innovative food grade ingredients, develops active oxygen and acts on dirt in a prolonged manner, guaranteeing long-lasting effectiveness, especially between one wash and another in which contamination tends to form.

It is the only washing machine cleaner in 500 ml spray format, which does not require an empty wash cycle, resulting in significant savings in water, energy and time.

It is user friendly and quick to apply, it is sprayed directly on the parts affected by deposits of dirt, limescale and contaminants: tray, porthole, gasket and drum and rinsed with the usual laundry wash cycle, with detergent.

Finally, the enzymes present act against both dirt and limescale, counteracting bad odors due to the formation of contaminants in hidden parts, ensuring cleanliness and hygiene with every wash, promoting better performance and extending the life of the appliance.

It is universal, it can be used with every brand and model of washing machine, and with every type of detergent, liquid or powder.

Formato: Spray bottle, 500 ml

Spray on the parts affected by dirt and lime scale: tray, gasket and inside of the basket. Leave on a minimum of 20 min. Insert laundry only before proceeding to wash cycle with detergent. Avoid drying the product on fabrics especially the most delicate ones such as wool, silk, leather, linen. It is recommended to use every 2 washes.
In the case of heavy soiling, spray the product, leave it on and remove the residue with a sponge.

Provoca grave irritazione oculare.

Contiene (Reg. CE n. 648/2004): 5 – 10% Tensioattivi non ionici. Profumi (LINALOOL ). Enzimi.