Active oxygen detergent for coffee machines


ISBN: 8000110920597

OXIGENT 2 is a powder detergent based on active oxygen.

The effectiveness of active oxygen allows the complete removal of greases and residues of coffee, that build up inside the nozzles and filters, and wich can compromise the proper functioning as well as alter the taste of espresso.

It is suitable for all types of coffee machine, espresso or “American” coffee, manual and automatic, pods and capsules.

OXIGENT 2 can also be used to clean the components of the appliance, in which coffee deposits are formed (filter holders, filters, grids, etc.).


Formato: Contains 2 sachets, 20 g powder

Pour the powder of one sachet of OXIGENT 2 into a container or if easier, directly into the tank of the machine.
Add about 500 ml of tap water. To easier dissolve the powder, it is advised to use warm water.

Once the powder has completely dissolved, pour the detergent solution into the tank, start the machine and dispense it until the end.
Make rinsing cycles with fresh tap water until there are no more dirt or product residues (minimum 2 cycles).

To clean the other components (filter holders, filters, grids, etc.), dissolve the powder in a container with hot water and immerse the components for a few minutes.
– 1 sachet to clean strong deposits.
– 1/2 sachet to clean small / medium deposits.
– For small deposits it is possible to reuse the detergent solution with which the machine was cleaned.
Then remove the dirt with a sponge and rinse with fresh water.

We recommend cleaning with OXIGENT 2 every 3 months.

Provoca gravi lesioni oculari.

Reg. CE n. 648/2004
Ingredienti (Reg. CE n. 648/2004): 15-30% sbiancanti a base di ossigeno; < 5% tensioattivi anionici, fosfonati.