Enzymatic dishwasher cleaner - WITHOUT EMPTY WASH CYCLE


ISBN: 8000110910511

WONDERSTAR Enzymatic Dishwasher Cleaner, allows you to easily remove grease, dirt and limescale, that are deposited inside the dishwasher.

The new enzymatic formula dissolves limescale thanks to the action of the special enzyme, developed by Dr.Neu research, by enhancing surfactants degreasing action.
It removes dirt and unpleasant odors, thanks to an enzyme that acts on food residues.

It is the only dishwasher cleaner in a 500 ml spray format, that DOES NOT REQUIRE THE EMPTY WASH CYCLE, in favor of a water, energy and time saving.

It is user friendly and quick to apply, it is sprayed directly inside, even with the dirty crockery inserted, and it is rinsed during the usual washing cycle with detergent, without leaving any residue.

Wonderstar, helps to keep the dishwasher in optimal conditions of cleaning and hygiene, even in the most hidden parts like filter and drain, favoring better performance and extending the life of the appliance.

It can be used with every dishwasher brand, and with any type of detergent, liquid or powder.

It does not contain phosphorus, EDTA, dyes, preservatives.


Formato: Spray bottle, 500 ml

Spray a small quantity of product inside the dishwasher, in the areas most affected by dirt and limescale, such as spray arms, bottom, filter and walls.

Wonderstar does not require an empty washing cycle, therefore it can also be applied with dirty dishes inserted, leaving it to act for a minimum of 2 hours.
Proceed with the usual washing cycle with detergent (liquid, powder or pod).

After 2 hours, the dishes can be washed at will, even the day after application.

Application is recommended approximately every 3 washes.


  • Provoca grave irritazione oculare.

Ingredienti (Reg. CE 648/2004): <5% Tensioattivi non ionici, tensioattivi cationici. Profumo.