Water Softener for Plants Watering


ISBN: 8000110920634

Most plants are sensitive to the excessive presence of limestone in the water used for watering. The limestone present in tap water reduces the availability of numerous nutrients useful for keeping plants thriving and flourishing. It is therefore a good idea to irrigate and spray the foliage with water with a low carbonate content.
Raindrop Dr. Neu, added to tap water, reduces its hardness, making it similar to rainwater, ideal for irrigating plants.

The Dr.Neu formula is based on a biocatalytic active ingredient, which allows to reduce the concentration of carbonates in the water through a natural process, thanks to a particular enzyme, without eliminating the other elements present in it, useful for plant health. .
In addition, Raindrop releases precious mineral salts that are important for the growth and well-being of plants into the water.

It is suitable for any degree of water hardness and can be used for all types of plants sensitive to limestone.

Raindrop in the 500 ml format allows you to treat up to 50 L of water.
The included measuring cap allows you to use the required quantity without waste.

The enzymatic formula has no hazard classifications.


Formato: Bottle, measuring cap, 500 ml

Shake the bottle before use.
Pour 20 ml of Raindrop into 2 L of water. Leave to act for at least 20 minutes before using the solution to water the plants.

Descaling jars and plastic containers: Immerse the containers for a few hours in 5 liters of water and 40 ml of product. No rinsing is necessary.