Detergent Enzymatic Descaler for Bathroom


ISBN: 8000110920610
The innovative formula of B-Gent, thanks to the combined action of a special enzyme and a surfactant of natural origin, thoroughly removes limescale, dirt and soap residues.
It helps to prevent encrustations and protects the treated surfaces leaving a pleasant clean scent.

The novelty of B-Gent consists in its descaling action which is carried out by an enzyme and not by a traditional acid, allowing it to be used even on the most delicate surfaces such as marble and natural stones, on which it is normally not allowed to use aggressive products.
It is safe for health and the environment, without hazard classifications and uses quality, easily biodegradable ingredients.


Formato: Spray bottle, 500 ml

Spray B-GENT on the surface to be treated, leave to act and wipe with a damp cloth/sponge.
Remove the product by rinsing thoroughly with water.
For more stubborn encrustations, leave to act longer before rinsing.
B-Gent works effectively even in small doses, therefore it is sufficient to use a small quantity of product to obtain an optimal result.