Enzymatic formula with ingredients of natural origin


ISBN: 8000110920566

The water flosser descaler Dr.neu is a concentrated formula, specific to cleaning and descaling of water flosser and spouts.
The limestone that is deposited in the parts that come into contact with water not only interferes with the correct functioning of the irrigators, clogging the pipes and reducing the water pressure, but also favors the proliferation of bacteria which tend to settle on the incrustations.

The Dr.Neu descaler, if used regularly, keeps the appliance in optimal conditions of hygiene and functioning. Does not damage plastic or metal parts. Can be used with all makes and models of dental irrigators. It is used in the doses and methods recommended below. If the appliance is equipped with a specific descaling process, it is necessary to follow the instructions in the manual supplied by the manufacturer.


Formato: Bottle, 150 ml

CLEANING AND DECALING OF THE WATER FLOSSER: pour 2 caps (about 20 ml) of Dr.neu water flosser descaler into the tank. Fill it with tap water. Leave to act for 10/15 minutes depending on the level of dirt. If necessary, leave it to act for a longer time. Dispense the solution from the nozzle or head. Rinse thoroughly using at least one tank of water. It is recommended to use it once a month, or more frequently for very hard water.

CLEANING AND DECALING OF HEADS: pour 1 cap (about 10 ml) of descaler into a glass of tap water. Completely immerse the head. Leave to act for 10/15 minutes. If necessary, leave it to act for a longer time. Rinse thoroughly with water. It is recommended to use it every 15/20 days.