Who we are

Archimede R&D was born in 2006 from the project of a young group of entrepreneurs from Bologna, operating in the environmental chemistry sector.

Since its inception, Archimede R&D's objective has been to develop more efficient products and technologies, capable of minimizing the use of chemical substances and their impact on the environment and health.

Objective pursued over the years, through constant research activity in the field and collaboration with academic and industrial partners in the area, which have led Archimede R&D to obtain important patents such as
– Bubbleboat, the “Method for preventing and controlling biofouling”
– Dr.Neu Prevents and reduces oviposition, the “Method for the prevention and control of organisms infesting aqueous systems”
– Softballs, the biocatalytic ball device for reducing limescale in water.

In 2010 Archimede R&D combined its research and development activity with the production of products for domestic and professional cleaning.

Thus the Dr.Neu brand was born, with the aim of offering the market a range of new products with high added value, in line with the company philosophy of sustainability and eco-compatibility.

The study of new formulations and new technologies capable of minimizing the impact on the environment and health are the basic principles of Dr.Neu products.

For more details on our activity visit the website www.archimede-rd.en